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Officer Safety

The 415 Team is comprised of military and law enforcement professionals. Our collective experience led us to develop our drone surveillance system to enhance officer safety and situational awareness in a real world environment. Having real time visual surveillance of a situation before any officer is physically involved prevents tense and complex situations from escalating unnecessarily.


Ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice, a single package that can fit in the back of any police vehicle or be carried by any officer. Light weight, rugged, and easily moved into any environment.

Quick Set Up

Just throw it down and unpack it, the drone is operational in moments with no need to wait for software updates. The drone auto calibrates on power up and is immediately mission ready.

Real time video

Visual feed is broadcast instantly to multiple secure platforms via live feed providing a real time view of the situation

Ground Station secondary Screen

Visual feed can be viewed in real time to a portable, rugged, and self-standingvideo screen that can be positioned almost anywhere. Can be used in Command Posts or Tactical Vehicles, to be viewed by key leaders and crisis negotiators.

Video Wrist Watch

Team leaders can deploy the wrist watch for real time situational awareness without compromising their ability to perform or maintain a ready posture in tactical situations.

Broadcast video feed wirelessly in radius (Phone stream)

The drone feed can be securely broadcast via an IP address. Cell phones, tablets, and video viewing systems can livestream the video feed so that team members at any location stay apprised of the developing situation.

Night Vision via Infrared LEDs

The drone automatically transitions to night vision in low light and blackout conditions using ultra violet LED’s and night vision cameras.

Flip Recovery Mode

In the event of a flip during deployment or as the result of a crash the drone can quickly recover with a built in “flip mode”. Crashing is inevitable, however with our flip mode you can recover in seconds and continue to support the team and their mission.

Rugged Design

Other drones are fragile and require technical expertise to fly and maintain however the 415 drone is extremely rugged and meant to be used as a tool for your department requiring little to no maintenance prior to deployment. This drone is built to be rugged and endure the harshest of conditions without sustaining damage.


Westminster Police Department SWAT Commander – C. Vandergrift
This company is run by true military veterans and police professionals. Their customer service is beyond reproach and their knowledge of/in the tactical industry is unmatched. We have deployed the 415 drone on several SWAT callouts now and still have not broken it. When we have questions, 415 engineering employees answer the phone. When we need more training, they respond with no questions asked. What else can you ask for from a company who prides itself on providing “black tie” customer service? 415 engineering is the now the new UAV competitor to beat for any indoor/tactical drone needs.

West County SWAT Team Entry Member – J. Sansenbach
Now having the interior knowledge of a structure, above and beyond the basic construction, is extremely vital. It can save lives and prevent tragedies. However, most drones and robots are large, cumbersome, difficult to maneuver, and are often unreliable when it comes to fine movements and hard to reach areas. We often end up delayed as a result of them, or end up doubting them because we know they’ll cause problems for us. The use of 415 Engineering’s system has provided us with astonishing capabilities when it comes to the knowledge we need beyond the basics of what’s just inside the door. We now have the upper hand, as this drone and 415’s system training has become a standard practice with every one of our operations.

Seal Beach Police Department Gas Team Leader – M. Ezroj
415 Engineering makes the toughest, most durable UAV/Drone this team has ever used. The customer service is unreal, as they truly want our team to be successful and most important safe. The 415 drone was built by military veterans and law enforcement professionals who developed it after realizing the expensive outdoor drones didn’t work at all for close quarter battles. The company now offers a complete line of training, which is invaluable as this technology is ever changing. Lastly, this drone was manufactured for rough-and-tumble hard duty deployment! We crashed it through a hole in drywall and it never stopped flying after it smacked the ground. I highly recommend 415 Engineering, wouldn’t use anyone else.