We are Law Enforcement and Military Professionals

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California Penal Code 415: Disturbing the Peace.

If you are using the 415 Drone, it is because there is a disturbance in the peace that police officers strive so hard to protect and maintain. At 415 Engineering, we have designed and produced the tools to assist you in reclaiming the peace. We engineer solutions to the disturbances that shatter the peace we all endeavor to uphold for the citizens we serve.​

The 415 Team is comprised of military and law enforcement professionals. Our collective experience led us to develop our drone surveillance system to enhance officer safety and situational awareness in a real world environment. Having real time visual surveillance of a situation before any officer is physically involved prevents tense and complex situations from escalating unnecessarily.

Our mission is to promote drone integration into every agency and offer technology and training that will protect not only officers but the citizens they serve.



Marcus has worked in the motion control industry for over 14 years. He currently owns/operates a US based motion control company that specializes in stepper and servo motor control. Marcus is the chief applications engineer and his area of expertise includes:

- production manufacturing 
- circuit layout and design
- technical consultation and implementation
- quality control management
- post sale support

He is also a licensed pilot with pilot in command flight time in both fixed and rotor wing aircraft.


Chris has been a police officer, serving in a variety of capacities, for over a decade. Prior to becoming a police officer, Chris served in the United States Army, California Army National Guard for seven years. He deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and was the Police Transition Team Chief for 1st Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. During his time in the military he gained experience with UAV’s and ground-based robots in the tactical environment. Chris is a FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot.



A native of Arizona, Phil began his law enforcement career there in 2000 before joining a Southern California organization in 2007.  Phil has held a variety of assignments in patrol, field training, special investigations, narcotics, and SWAT, as both an operator and sniper. Additionally, he most recently served as a SWAT Commander for a regional municipal team prior to his promotion to Chief of Police.

Phil has a B.S. in Business Administration, a California POST Management Certificate, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration, all from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Furthermore, he currently serves as an adjunct professor teaching public administration courses at CSULB.



Kevin is rad. He is the engineer responsible for designing the 415 drone. But like most engineers, Kevin is too busy to answer emails so we wrote his bio for him. Kevin makes drones, is a new dad and also works with an OC agency as their forensic tech analyst, teaches computer forensics at California State University Riverside, and is a drone SWAT pilot. Kevin is really smart.


Marissa graduated from California State University Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa. Marissa was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army in 2007 and served as a platoon leader in Los Alamitos, California. Marissa currently owns/operates a US based motor control manufacturing corporation that supplies American made motion control components across a range of industries from machine tool to robotics.